Low-hanging fruit

Art ripe for the picking

  • Took place in February 2014
Businessclub Gôolse Zaken


EELT had the pleasure of decorating the meeting of “Businessclub Gôolse Zaken” with a theatrical act. For this reason the performance “Laaghangend Fruit” was created, based on the theme of profit “Ripe for the picking”. Actors, dressed up as fruit, mingled with the audience, sold the idea of jarred fruit in a light manner, and the energy problem was solved by substituting the conveyor belt and other machinery with manpower.

Artistic leader
Monique Zijp
Reg Gruson
host and hostess
Monika Przybyla
Tooske de Kort-Hamels
dennis bot
Pascale Hopstaken
Zina Burgers
Linda Mur
Boy Jonkergouw
Jan Godzik
Roos Gehrels
“Poëtische producties over die dingen in het leven waarvan we 'eelt op onze ziel' krijgen of juist kwijtraken.”