Playfully discovering the workings of the digestive tract

Primary school De Vlashof

Primary School De Vlashof among many others.

During the hapstappoepfabriek workshop the children discover in a playful manner the workings of the factory inside their own body: what goes in and what comes out? And how to keep this factory healthy?

This way we offer knowledge about healthy eating in a completely different manner to both parents and children. The kids get to do experiments together with the dietitian of ‘Gezonde Eetkamer’ about how you can create good poo by eating healthy. Afterwards the theatermakers of EELT Theatre Collective take the kids on the funny and exciting journey of a broccoli floret through the digestive tract.

Artistic Developement
Monique Zijp
Concept & Performer
Anneloe Rijpkema
Concept & Performer
Roel Kox
“Poëtische producties over die dingen in het leven waarvan we 'eelt op onze ziel' krijgen of juist kwijtraken.”