EELT for Nedschroef

Ode to the industrial heritage of Helmond

  • Took place in May 2011

Artimond, Helmond

EELT made a performance about NEDschroef, a company that makes automotive fasteners. Actors from EELT played together with other participants, to show the history of the company. Highs and lows, but mainly the inventiveness of its employees, were shown in a special production that took place in Helmond. Composer Aart Strootman created a new instrument, consisting of bolts, in honour of NEDschroef. The audience got to participate in the performance, and were even gifted their very own, specially designed, instruments.

Composer, creation boutofoon
Aart Strootman
Performance music
Britt Janssen
Development boutangel
Monique Zijp
Reg Gruson
Maarten Hutten
Boy Jonkergouw
Tech and decor
Paul Francot

Made possible by:

  • Erfgoed Brabant
  • Directie NEDschroef
“PoĆ«tische producties over die dingen in het leven waarvan we 'eelt op onze ziel' krijgen of juist kwijtraken.”