Dankraam Tilburg

A memorial and acknowledgement for and by all of Tilburg

  • Took place in February 2021
Palace-Council House of Tilburg

Dankraam (Window of Gratitude) is a message of hope, remembrance and thankfulness. In these trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic EELT — together with Stadsmuseum Tilburg, Stadmaker Berny van de Donk and Studio Web Presence — asks your help with creating a digital stained glass window. Your contributions, consisting of photographs, video clips, drawings and poetry, will be used as panels in the Dankraam, to say thank you to our heroes, remember the victims, and support the vulnerable. Check dankraamtilburg.nl to see what people created up till now.

A three-stage plan

Stage 1: On dankraamtilburg.nl we collect and exhibit all the initiatives the residents and organisations of Tilburg have created to comfort, thank and support us all, no matter how small.

Stage 2: After the 1st of June, an artist will create a big textile screen depicting all the initiatives, which will be placed on the front of the Tilburg Palace. As a clear marker of the end of the project, we will invite another artist to create 36 shields — small Dankraampjes so to say — that will be handed out to representatives of the heroic professions in these difficult times.

Stage 3: The collection will remain online accessible, and will be stored in the archives of the city for commemoration.


The Dankraam refers to a pandemic breakout in Tilburg in 1951. Smallpocks put the whole city in lockdown. Events were cancelled, people were told to stay at home and even the trains skipped Tilburg station. Two victims were buried in lead coffins. With a joint effort almost 200 000 people got vaccinated in two weeks. When the danger was over the Tilburg citizens commissioned a stained glass window, depecting the past events. Representatives of vital professions received a little shield as a sign of gratitude. These days the stained glass window can still be seen in the Tilburg Palace.


EELT’s Monique Zijp is one of the four persons who took the initiative to start and carry out the Dankraam. She collaborated with Jojan van Zandwijk, Stadsmuseum Tilburg, Berny van De Donk, Stadmaker, Edwin de Leeuw and Studio Web Presence.

Made possible by:

“Poëtische producties over die dingen in het leven waarvan we 'eelt op onze ziel' krijgen of juist kwijtraken.”